Newberry Springs
'Official Eyesore Award' Winner

Front yard pollution of the Armstrong House includes architectural abortions.

Posted:  May 27, 2013

Abandoned structures recipient of Eyesore Award.

    The Newberry Springs Community Alliance's 'Official Eyesore Award' has been presented to the frontage of the historical Armstrong House, the residence of longtime Newberry Springs resident Sandy Brittian.

    The residence serves as the business of NationWide Real Estate Services; and the office of the Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce, acting as the community's image-building visitor welcome and information resource center.

    The award is predicated upon the criteria that the blighted site is located on a highly visible Newberry Springs visitor thoroughfare, demonstrates a dereliction of maintenance and shameless dilapidation; and further illustrates a lack of pride in real estate ownership in Newberry Springs.

    A ghost town of a Saloon, Jail, Feed Mercantile, collapsing Bank, and Livery & Stable have been abandoned to decay in the desert wind.

Telephone calls to FEMA for federal disaster relief have not been returned.

Visual owie.

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